The MP for Waveney and Lowestoft has officially launched our Every Drop Counts initiative by unveiling a special work of art.

Speaking at the launch, Peter Aldous MP said, “Helping people and businesses in Waveney save money will help to shape our economic landscape as well as making an impact on the water available in our rivers for wildlife. I would encourage people in my constituency to get involved and make a positive change to their homes and help use less water and reduce their utility bills.”

More than 15,000 of our customer in Lowestoft will receive a letter from their drinking water supplier asking if they would like an audit of their showers, taps and toilets.

The sculpture of a water drop shows the amount of water used by two people if they do not turn the tap off whilst brushing their teeth, as this can waste up to six litres of water each time.

Martin Lunn our Head of Technical Strategy said, “We have to make sure we use every tool available to a water company during the summer months - when demand for high quality drinking water is at its peak, - and helping customers and businesses to use less water is a valuable way to ensure there is enough for everyone to use.

“We have found home visits and the fitting of devices to our customers’ taps, toilets and showers to be one of the most effective ways to remind people about the importance of conserving this precious resource during the hotter months,” he said.

“This project is open to businesses and organisations based in Lowestoft and Waveney, such as shops and schools, along with our residential customers – we want the whole community to get involved. Our commercial customers can also access water saving devices by responding to letters or getting in-touch with the water company ‘’ added Martin.

Our approved qualified plumbers will call at homes by appointment in Lowestoft and carry out a water efficiency survey of the property.
They will be able to fit a range of water saving devices, including products such as water butts, aerated shower heads and dual flush devices for toilets, free-of-charge to customers’ homes.

If you live in the Lowestoft and Waveney area and would like to take advantage of this offer please visit our website: