Customer service is at the heart of everything we do so we make sure we listen to our customers’ feedback and use it to help us with our business planning.

We want our customers to consider the services they receive from us to be good value for money. You’ve told us that sometimes it’s difficult to know what good value is, because you don’t have another water company to compare us to.

For the first time there is now key information about water companies in England and Wales in one place. is a 'dashboard' that is a clear and simple source for trustworthy and factual information.

The information provided has been agreed by water companies, the water regulators, the UK and Welsh Governments and the Consumer Council for Water, which is the water watchdog.


The information on DiscoverWater shows you how we are performing, both as an industry, and in certain areas in comparison to other water companies in England and Wales. Our performance may be better or worse than average in some areas, or it may be different to our neighbouring companies, and quite often there is a reason for the differences.

Click on the image below to discover more about how we have performed and why, and what steps we are taking to keep our performance high for you. This document provides information on the measures where we are able to compare our performance to other water and sewerage companies. DiscoverWater also contains information about the water industry as a whole.

Discover Water    

For extra information about our performance, you can also take a look at our Annual Performance Report.